cutting board with vegetables


Going to restaurant to eat with your partner can be a horror moment. Our 2+years old son wants to move here and there. He can not really sit properly for more that ten minutes. After his food is done his body start to move like the batteries recharged instantly. People says "Active kids are Healthy kids" right? LOL. I saw these food cutting toys in one euros shop but you can also get it on Believe it or not it works, it can be used as Restaurant Entertainment. Our son learned colors, the name of the food items and how to cut it (we showed him how to hold a knife to cut it). The food pieces mostly comes in velcro stick, some have magnet. Each food comes in two parts. A cutting board was included with ours as well, just a little bit so small I would say. The material is from plastic but non toxic which is okay, but I would not expect more from the price. Overall I love it and the most important our little one can sit calm, has fun and learn something.

Pro & Contra

  • Teaching kids to find the right pair.
  • Learning colour and shapes.
  • Learning types of food and name it.
  • Creating a fun family playing times.
  • For smaller kids will be a bit hard to do it without parents help.
  • Velcro can stick a bit so strong sometime.
Published on Thursday, September 20th 2018 by