closed board review 123


Learning alphabet can be so challenging for every child. Memorizing A to Z is same hard as memorizing 0-10 I guess (for a small kid I mean). Our little one learned that both at his early age. He can do it very good. Of course, he learns from parents,books and daily life things. A good alphabets and numbers toy will be great media for this young learner to make a progress. Spotted this board from ACTION (favorite store) with magnetic board, numbers and alphabets. Material from plastic and quiet safe. Price undoubtable always affordable and does not look like cheap things. I would definitely recommend this as media to help our little one to learn.

Pro & Contra

  • Introduce alphabets and number.
  • Introduce colours.
  • Social skill improvement.
  • Choking hazard / small things for kids under 24 months old. Please accompany your child to play together.
Published on Saturday, October 27th 2018 by