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There are various types of construction car toys. Some you can even ride on. Personally, I prefer a classic car toy with no batteries required for our little one. He was gifted this excavator toy. You can also purchase it on This excavator is from sturdy quality plastic from BIG. BIG also manufactures bobby cars and some other vehicles. The plastic car toys is made from non toxic material and easy to clean. It has very strong and sturdy wheels and perfect for all types of floor. It moves stable above sand too. Our little one can play hours with it. However, I find it can be too heavy for him to carry it. But besides that this is a good toy.

Pro & Contra

  • Stimulate the brain/improve common sense of how an excavator works.
  • Partial intelligence development.
  • When driving-directing this car children learn to avoiding obstacles, stopping before hitting obstacles (tactic learning-maneuvering).
  • Due the heaviness of the car please play with your child.
Published on Friday, September 28th 2018 by