Complete set Ball


Goal! Goal! Who doesn't know what that means! Especially for boys and men. Today when I went to Toys'R'Us in my region, I have found one interesting soccer set with net. The company BRUIN (exclusive own brand from Toys'R'Us) is famous for kids toys. The ball is soft but feels robust and does not have any plastic smell. Secondly, the net is NOT space consuming. It come like a layer of net fabric which you can actually stick together through the velcro that attached to it. However, it is a little overpriced for me for a simple toy like that only - but that is my opinion. Regarding the price overall this is very good toy. Good work Toys'R'Us!


Pro & Contra

  • To train kids to play football of course meanwhile adding some fun too!
  • Pay attention to your child while playing so he/she doesn't trip and fall.
  • Price


Good toy for kids above 2 years old.

Published on Wednesday, August 29th 2018 by