Cashier Front view Cashier Back view


Role-play toy is always an option for a BUSY-BUDDY-wanna-know-everything-child. Child that always follow their parents to supermarket knows that you have to pay before you go out. They memorize it. Of course there is always Cash register there. Our son love to see it moves and make sound like beep beep so we got him a play Cash Register miniature from Early Learning Centre . this toy comes with microphone with sound when you press it long and it actually works like real. There is this open button that will open the cash box. It came with some papers play money, coins play money and one credit card that you can insert in the machine also to enter a pin. This set comes with hand scanner as well that will make beep beep sound like real scan Cash register machine. It has so much function. Last but not least it comes with play milk, juice bottle, some veggies and fruits. It is so much fun and affordable.

Pro & Contra

  • Entertaining whole family by role playing
  • This toy can stimulate children brain by imagining how to be a cashier or a customer.
  • Teach children how to use of this thing, we said learning by watching :)
  • Choking hazard for small kids ( the small coins), i suggest the parents always pay attention of kids toy or even to play with them.
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