Full angle Clock layer Puzzle layer


wooden toys are better than plastic toys. That is what people mostly say. But plastic toys nowadays are bpafree. Well both has pros and cons I think. But both are better than a “TOO MUCH SCREEN” time for kids. Our son is a super active boy. He wants to know all the thing from the time he was three months. He has been busy about knowing things. He had this cube/box (from Amazon.de) with so many activities you can do. Eichhorn is making high-quality wooden toys such as wooden railway, shops, dollhouses, puzzles and ball tracks. This smart cube comes with a removable engine loop that your child can use to move beads or wooden animals from one side to the other, learn about the clock, slide shapes in a puzzle and move the gears. It also contains five separated wooden colored shapes that fit into shaped holes on the side of the cube. Good is, that it is suitable for children from 1 year or even smaller children with parental guidance.

Pro & Contra

  • Learn shapes.
  • Learn colors.
  • Learn number.
  • Learn hours.
  • Motoric skills improving
  • And so many more i would say.
  • Material can be so heavy. Especially the small part shapes.
  • Pay attention when your child is playing with it so they know throw it away.
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