I would like to talk about a little furniture for kids at the moment. It is maybe not part of toys, however i would very much love to discuss it. Today I wanna talk about "Hiding while poo'ing" kids behavior. It seems like common when little kids wanna have their own "privacy time" as we adult have that needed too sometimes. It can be prior to his potty training I guess. Shy and hide doing his business. On other hand can be he is not ready to utilize the toilet yet. Playing hide and seek is one of other reason for small kids to hide. As they find it is so fun to play. Got my little one this "teepee" tent from It has four wooden stick to stand. fabric material is from cotton and can be washed. Came with two pillows (one star and one cloud shape) and one blanket for floor. The material is very good. You can wash them all (not the woods of course) and it is easy to build. All of them packed in one bag. My little one hides there sometimes to read books, to play and do "his business". Also he would laugh so hard as he hide inside there too. Sadly I find the woods can't stand so properly due to an expensive price. However, buying furniture is a personal need. Each person has a different point of view.

Published on Thursday, January 10th 2019 by