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I remember when my son turned one year old he still tried to walk properly. We gifted him toys that supported him to walk. So many toys can be used as that purpose. walking is a big progress for kids that parents always waiting for and being proud of. Of course, it needs a lot of support by parents, praises and even encouraging words. Choosing a toy that can be used as encouragement was my idea. We got a pull rope small telephone from I was wondering if he knows what to do with it but he quite fast knew it. This product is from Fisher-Price. It has cute and sweet face on it, a rotatable dial, a ringing noise and eyes that move up and down when you move it forward. The handset is attached to the phone with a cord so that you won’t lose it. The little one ran around through the house with it. It was a right choice of toy at his early age. Even later he is mimicing his parents by taking the handset and talking into the phone. This toy is without any electronic and looks very sturdy.

Pro & Contra

  • It encourages early role play and has a positive effect on the walking development.
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