Another montessori toy from Fisher-Price that we bought from is this colorful ring pyramid. For me montessori toys are always a good argument to buy! It always has a good benefit for kids beside educative. It has a lot of colors which is fun for kids. You can stack them or swing them to the holder. Early age kids will find its pleasing to throw and swing them as well. The same time they learn colors, numbers, position big to small and even count them. One of the pieces can be used as rattle toy because it has small balls inside that make noises when you move it.

Oh, one more thing: The base can swing. It is so much fun. The material is non-toxic plastic. The rings are bit too expensive - at least in Germany where we bought it. Nonetheless, they are a good toy and gift for young age children.

Pro & Contra

  • Learn how to stack.
  • Learn colors.
  • Learn numbers.
  • Aside from the price i do not have anything against it.
Published on Wednesday, October 17th 2018 by