Hectic weekdays can be really tiring. So weekend should be spend with a little bit useful and relaxing things. Having relax and fun family time always the best. This week we gonna play Burger Mania. This game is from Fotorama that you can purchase in This game is suitable for almost all ages. How it works: This game is for two players. You race to build a custom burger from the recipe card you choose. Work as fast as you can to finish your burger before it reaches the end of the moving conveyor belt or you will have to start over. The one who prepares the most burgers in a round wins. This game is with three difficulty levels. So there are buttons you can choose to press. It is so challenging and so much fun.

Pro & Contra

  • Fast paced, thrilling action - combining motion and skill for a fun and engaging game experience Advance to the next level as your burger-building skills get faster and faster.
  • Refines fine motor skills and dexterity as players use the tongs to build a burger to order.
  • A game the whole family will enjoy.
  • I find it a bit hard to grip the material because some are so thin, however it is still a good set to have at home.
Published on Wednesday, November 7th 2018 by