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Lately our 2+years old son has been turning his car upside down just to imaginary fix the wheels. Does anyone have kids this age that do the same? I guess it is the time of the age that he likes to be a mechanic. I went to HEMA and saw this wooden toolkit set, bought it on the spot of course. This contains some screws, screwdriver, hammer, spanner in a wooden toolbox with holder. The material is wooden and not that sturdy (some woods pieces fall off easily). Price is really afforadble. I would not complain too much for it. It is a very creative toy.

Pro & Contra

  • Improve motoric skills.
  • Creative skill: learn how to use tools in the right way.
  • Solving problems by finding the pair of tools.
  • Some of the parts are a bit heavy, especially if kids tend to throw things. Better watch your kids when they play with this.
  • The quality of the wood is okay but not perfect.
Published on Wednesday, September 5th 2018 by