IKEA DUKTIG Fruits/Vegetables

fruits and vegetables vegetables basket fruits basket


fruits and vegetables are very basic learning objects for small child or preschooler. As a mother, of course I want to give my little one save, entertaining and educational toys. As we went to IKEA I spotted this DUKTIG FRUITS and DUKTIG VEGETABLES set. For the vegetables set, it contains a basket, two tomatoes, one cucumber, two mushrooms, three pieces or stick together carrots, a lettuce that you can peel each leaf like real. So cute... a stick of celery and onion. Material is washable as well with machine. Now, for the fruits basket, it has a cute basket, two pieces of cut apple, two pieces of cut orange, one open and close-able banana (with velcro)... again like real; a watermelon, a kiwi and a cluster of grapes. These are all washable with 100% polyester material. I washed it with hand and dry it before let the little one play them. These all very safe for kids. Super affordable too. You can easily buy this from IKEA DE in your country or even from Amazon.de which mostly costs more than the original price.

Pro & Contra

  • Encourages role play to develop social communication skills between adult/parents and little one.
  • Learn from real object look alike (learn colors, shapes and types of fruits and vegetables).
  • Learn how good or advantages for consuming healthy foods.
  • Parental supervision is required.
Published on Sunday, September 9th 2018 by