Learn how to ride a bike maybe not an easy thing. Especially without the two helping wheels. But learn how to ride a bike should not be a horror for a kid too. Riding a bike need an intuition and kids have to enjoy it as well. Balance a bike is the best option for me as transition to a pedal bike in the future. We got this bike as 2nd Birthday gift from Groupon or you can buy a similar one in Amazon brand [Kinderkraft] The bike comes with pretty nice color including a small fabric basket and a bell. At start it was too tall for him but after adjusting it works fine. Remember to wear your Helmet as well knee and elbow pads while riding. The most important is our son has fun and he loves it.

Pro & Contra

  • Developing children skill to control speed.
  • Train how to balance the body.
  • Coordinate left and right movement.
  • The bike is a little bit too high for the advertised "two-years-old".
Published on Sunday, September 23rd 2018 by