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rocking animal toys are so interesting for children. My baby had this rocking elephant from gifted. The rocking animal is in blue color from the company Labebe that also made a lot type of rocking or riding toys. This elephant has two functions. First it comes in four wheels that you can adjust as a ride to roll for- and backwards. Second, it becomes a rocking chair of course if you plug the wheels up in the wooden slide. The material feels of very good quality. I would say it is the best rocking chair or rocking animal toys I have ever seen. The wood is so strong and solid. The elephant itself is a stuffed animal with a thick nice soft fabric around. The seat is so comfortable and thick. Both of the elephant's ears have a funny plastic sound when you squeeze it so that small children will be amused about it and eventually even laugh. A little bit pricy I would say. But this is really good material and it is some kind of art. So, why not. I love it!

Pro & Contra

  • Such a nice entertainment to children and small kids
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