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Spell LEGO; read classic. The name is derived from the Danish phrase "leg godt", which means "play well".

When it comes to bricks it will directly let LEGO come into your mind. Our little boy at home loves to build something using his own imagination. He has a lot of LEGO-duplo pieces to play with. LEGO-duplo always come with nice colors and material very sturdy. It was made from non-toxic material. LEGO-duplo is made for a bit younger kids since the pieces are big bigger comparing the other lego bricks. Got some of it for our lil one to let his creativity runs wild and same time helps him to learn before his Pre-school start. At the same time you can spend more time with little one by building it with them. Love it! I always got my lego pieces in online shop like this model from Amazon or you can check more their products in LEGO. Very recommended toys with so many advantages that I will write down below.

The benefits

  • Introduce colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Train fine motor skills by mount and dismount the pieces: Fine motoric is very important to train drawing and writing skills before go to school. Improve imagination and creativity( always praise your little one to motivate them).
  • Develop logic and problem solving
    Lego practices the child's logical ability to follow the stages in developing the form he/she wants. For example to make a house, your child needs to arrange beams into floors, walls, windows and roofs. Even in the assembly the child will experience a trial and error process. This all process will train your child to find a way out to finally be able to create a form that suits his or her wishes.
  • Improve social skills and teamwork
    Your child needs to speak to you or maybe their siblings to create something he desires and to accept the opinion from others. By playing this they will do it without they notice it. 
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