Melissa & Doug Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset

demonstration scoop ice cream on cone full magnetic ice cream set


Ice cream, ice cream! Hurra! Hurra! Who does not like this delicious frozen dessert? Reminds me to my childhood time as a kid. I would sit down wait for an ice cream truck to pass by our house. As it passed and I heard the speaker music, me and my siblings ran to the sounds and bought some ice cream from the van. LOL. I believe almost all adults and kids like ice cream. Lately, my little son is so obsessed becoming an ice cream man. We do a Role play. He is as ice cream man and me+my husband as this little fella customers. We got his ice cream set from Melissa & Doug. This magnetic play set includes four magnetic ice-cream scoops with chocolate, chocolate-mint, strawberry and vanilla flavors, two cones, and two magnetic scoopers. The ice-cream scoops can be stored neatly in the sturdy plastic container with lid. They are made by wooden material and feel like a very good quality. What is so interesting is because it is magnetic you can easily use the scooper to scoop the ice-cream flavors and stick it onto the cone. It looks real alike. Our son is so happy with this set.

Pro & Contra

  • Imaginative role play.
  • Learn pattern and sorting things.
  • Social communicating skills improvement as they need to speak in role play.
  • Motoric skills improvement.
  • Learn count and colours.
  • I think it is a little bit too solid and heavy for a younger kid to hold it.
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