the whole ball track front side of box


Toys with a track sounds good - especially for boys. I got this ball track toy from action today. It is made from plastic and is non toxic. The quality is very good. This ball track comes in so many colors. It has a hammer and three balls with all different color. You are supposed to put the ball in the hole based on the same color. In the same time your little kid will learn about colors too. And after that they can hit each ball down to the track with the hammer. It is so much fun and my son would jump so vigorously, so happy, when he made his first successful hit. Above all it is not expensive. I would definitely recommend it.  


Pro & Contra

  • Accuracy (put the ball in correct color/hole)
  • Improvement of hand, eyes and brain coordination.
  • Learn more about colour and shapes.
  • For younger kids will need their parents or adult to help hitting the ball down. :)


The linked product on the ACTION website does not reflect the product I have reviewed here. However, I think it is the product but just has not received an update on their website (see the pictures there).

Published on Wednesday, September 12th 2018 by