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As you all know I prefer educative toys for my little one. Educating our little darling can be from many ways. From stories, singing, playing etc. Learning while playing can be so much fun. Playing shapes toys or blocks is one fun game to play and learn. From triangle, heart, rectangle to round, aswell from animal, fruits to vegetables shape and so much more. Turns our not just fun and educative but can teaches kids a lot of things like shapes, colors, count while in the same time gaining their confident. I have this set bought from ACTION with cute shapes and animals in a small box house with holes. All holes has its own shapes to be put as well as the doors have. I would suggest as parent we play with our little darling. This is very important. I believe as adult when you have succeeded in forming something that suits your wishes, there will certainly be a feeling of pleasure because you feel successful that feeling also valid for small kid that will become motivation to be successful. When the little one can not put the right shape to the place or hole it should be, teach them so they will not become upset and feel pointless because don't know how to use or play it. Besides that all it is affordable and made from average material... not bad not super but not smelly. Nonetheless, I like them.

Pro & Contra

  • Improve creativity.
  • Learning colour,shapes and animals.
  • Learning how to count.
  • Brain improvement skill to solve problem.
  • Grow confident when successfully build something.
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