House chores aren't everyone favorite things to do. However, my son learns fast from his parents. The little one tends to learn by watching. He likes to mimic everything i do and try to follow it. Lately, he is so obsessed with my vacuum cleaner. But it is real household thing that is really too heavy for him. Suddenly had an idea to get him a LOOK ALIKE/SIMILAR like the one I have. I found it in and got it asap. This vacuum cleaner is from company PlayGo. This toy vacuum cleaner has two functions:

  • As a hand vacuum
  • As a vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner comes with realistic light and sound effects and small pearls that can move because the air blow inside. It required batteries 2 x AA (test batteries included). It is perfect for our little one. He ran with it every morning following me to clean the house. We had so much fun. It is so recommended. 

Pro & Contra

  • Pretend play toys will not only entertain your kids but also educate them about household appliances common sense.
  • So far I could not find anything disturbing.
Published on Sunday, September 30th 2018 by