Today we often find toys that really educate children. The types and models of children's toys are very diverse. Same things with wooden toys. Even though so many modern toys on market nowadays, I believe wooden toys is more durable and environmentally friendly. This wooden set I got from the supermarket chain Lidl (sold under the brand PLAYTIVE) is so impressive. It looks so nicely made with nice nontoxic colors. It is imaginary creative toy cake. It comes with six slices of cake, five candles, five number candles (1 to 5), a cake spoon and cake board. It is perfect for birthday's gift as well. Love the material and quality. It is affordable. I totally recommended it.

Pro & Contra

  • Learn shapes and colors.
  • Developing better concentration.
  • Practice language and insight.
  • I wish it came with velcro so the cake slice would not falling apart easily.
Published on Sunday, January 6th 2019 by