educational toys can be a good reason to buy a toy for the little one. Play and learn together can be done as well. I always prefer something like bricks and puzzle toys for our pre-schooler son. I got this puzzle with woods from Amazon about vehicles. It is not a big puzzle with small pieces. But it has a holder so your toddler can easily hold it and put it back in the right hole of shape. It is made from wooden materials. Very sturdy and comes with nice colors.

I’ve read one article by Dr. Susan Levine - research at the University of Chicago about Puzzles and Cognitive Development, she said “Children who play with puzzles developed a better understanding of spatial relationships—how things fit together and how shapes can be moved to make new images.” I totally agree with it. Our little one plays with these types of things since his early age. He can memorize things very good (part of his spatial skills improvement) and many more improvement.

Pro & Contra

  • Memorizing new objects name.
  • Put and order the pieces back to its place.
  • Train hands and eyes coordination.
  • Social and speaking skills improvement.
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