When you go to the beach or play park, you mostly can discover easily so many children even adults playing with the sand. From building a small mermaid to a castle. It can’t be denied that playing sand is one fun entertaining things to do at beach as well at a park. The winter in where we are living is too cold to play sand outside. So we tried to find a solution for it by play sand inside the house. But I don't really prefer to clean the whole sandy house of course. In the end we decided to buy kinetic sand. Went to the nearest toy store Toys'R'Us to get it. Kinetic sand is very good to for kids sensoric skills improvement. Besides that kinetic sand has a nice smooth consistency and easy to clean so it is not messy too much because it somehow has wet texture and will not dry out. It doesn’t stick to floor or carpet too. Easy to form and harmless to skin. At least nothing happened after playing it. It comes in many colours and of course is quite affordable. You will have to invest a bit though because there are a lot cheap types that are not as good in quality as the a bit more expensive ones. A set with molding shapes and cutters is a good start. This sand will last for quite some time if it is proper sealed back into the box (like play dough).

Pro & Contra

  • Ideal for occupational therapy or therapeutic purposes
  • Support the development of fine motor skills (Fine Motor skill is the ability to deal with physical skills involving small muscles and eye-hand coordination or other limbs)
  • Sensory skills (tactile) improvement-Texture learning.
  • Learn colors.
  • Learn how to shape and mold.
  • A little bit too soft and fragile I would say for this product. So when you lift it up it easily breaks.
  • Choking hazard.
  • Only to be used under adult supervision.
Published on Sunday, October 7th 2018 by