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Small children are imitators and fast learners. Who does not agree with it. My son tend to see what we always do everyday. My husband has one coffee machine that he almost uses every day for his morning coffee. Seeing that my son became so attracted by it. So one day we tried to find a toy like this. And guess what? It is exist! I know its 2018. What is not here nowadays! So we decided to buy it at This coffee machine set comes with one cup, one small spoon, and two capsules for coffee. This machine is from Theo Klein (Bosch Tassimo imitating). This toy looks so real. You can fill the water tank with water and kind of manually pump it out when pressing the button deeply. The water will not come out hot, so there is no heating function. I believe parents should fill it with normal water. IF YOU FILL IT WITH HOT WATER IT WILL COME OUT HOT OF COURSE! So be careful! This machine has two buttons. One for the water flow. The other one for the sound of coffee machine only. The price is totally worth the machine.


Pro & Contra

  • It is a very exciting toy that teaches kids how to make a coffee.
  • I have not found anywhere people complain about their child drinking water from the flow and got sick. But personally i won’t let my kid drink from it.
  • Filling the tank can be a bit of a precision work.


This is a good toy. However, this is just a toy. I would not recommend anyone to let their kid drink from the machine for safety.

Published on Monday, August 27th 2018 by