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Constructive play not only from puzzle or stacking blocks, Carpentry toys are included in constructive toys. Children are free to be creative, want to connect at the end, in the upper or lower center. Usually carpentry toys consist of parts that can be connected with nuts or screws. Materials can be wooden, plastic or thin metal. Lately our 2+years old like to play this carpentry toys a lot. We got him a drill machine toy from Theo Klein replica) from Amazon.de. It gives him the opportunity to learn real life through playing. He enjoys it and he is so happy maybe because he saw his daddy used something like it before and he has his own now. This drill has sound, lights functions and can move like a real one. The material is from plastic and of good quality. Remember parents should supervise the toddler, by examplifying the right way to play and to be safe while introducing the fun side of this game. Safety first ^^

Pro & Contra

  • Improve common sense about tools.
  • Improves fine motoric skill by using the machine/tools.
  • Practice a sense of responsibility, for example to clean it back into the toy tool box.
  • A little bit pricey but the quality seems good.
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