toaster front two slices of toast


Another impressive replica with realistic features from Theo Klein. I adore this Toaster. It comes with two slices of toast which fits perfectly and look quite real. This toy can pop the toasts up in few seconds. It is always so exciting for children to wait (If they can!) for it to pop and laugh over it. On other hand, this toy is pretty save, even it looks like real but it won't heat. So absolutely no danger to children. This toy does not need any batteries. The timer is mechanical. The material has a good quality. It is a good addition for your childrens kitchen. I would definitely give a go for it.


Pro & Contra

  • Bring the fun to children.
  • Train the patience of the children.
  • Perfect introduction for how to use a real toast.
  • I do not have anything against it but this is for kids above 3 years old.
Published on Monday, September 10th 2018 by