Theo Klein Vileda Cleaning mop/Broom set



House chores can be tiring for anyone. But when you see the little one at home helping you, it can be so fun to do it together. Easy job like sweeping or mopping can be done by little kids. Beside the fun time together doing the chores it is of course teaching them in duties responsibilities. Got this mop set with bucket... it looks exactly like real one. The tiredness of cleaning house becomes a smile in your face when the little one is on duty.

Oh I almost forgot... we also got him a mini replica broom set This broom set is one of my favorites. I always sweep our shoes room after or before going out. My son learned that fast. As soon as he wore he shoes he will directly swept the floor too. How sweet. It is a very helpful toy... love it.

Pro & Contra

  • Learn to responsible in doing every duty.
  • Motoric improvement.
  • Learn how to use cleaning tools/common senses.
  • Materials does not feel like made in good quality.
  • The mop and the broom is a little too short for little ones.
Published on Wednesday, September 26th 2018 by