Imitative toys, role playing toys are always fun. My little one had a little kitchen from IKEA that we bought for him. To complete it we got him this kitchen equipment set from This set come from Theo Klein company. They made a lot of imitative/mini version toys from real thing and believe it or not all of them look so similar. This set comes with pressure cooker with lid, frying pan with lid, water cooker and cooking pot with lid. All lids is transparent except the pressure cooker. It also had some spatulas. The material is from plastic but it does not smell at all like some other toys. They are all with thick material too. The most important the little one is having fun as a creative mini chef. Parents don't forget to play with them and show them how to use it. What is allowed and not allowed in the kitchen. Young learners always learn things fast. Besides, it is inexpensive. I love it.

Pro & Contra

  • Stimulates the brain (creativity and how to use the tools/kitchen utensils)
  • Some quality times with parents for knowledge and language improvements.
  • Sensoric and motoric skills improvement.
  • I think sticking the sticker your own in the utensils is a bit too much job and makes it not realistic anymore. I wish it was printed directly/already there on the utensils.
Published on Tuesday, January 8th 2019 by