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I like to spend time with my little son and my husband. Especially at weekend, we always think of spending quality time together. Either at home or outside house. Role play games is always our first option to do. Parents are kids number one role model. So be a good one! Today we played cooking together. Little one wanna be the chef. So he cooked his food for us in his cute little microwave toys that we got from Toychamp last week as we traveled to Netherlands. This microwave has sounds and lights functions. It also turns around. There are some buttons to press, for example: for meat, pizza and some other foods. Of course reset, start and stop button are there as well. It also has LCD timer display. It comes with one box popcorn, one bottle of mustard and one bottle of ketchup, one hotdog, one hamburger and one chicken as well. This microwave counts down and make a sound when time almost over and the food is done. Ding ding ding! It makes cute sounds. Not so loud even when it turn. It looks quite like a real one. It uses batteries and the material is good. Price is worth it. Love it!

Pro & Contra

  • Stimulate kids brain/ learn how to operate a microwave.
  • Learn some new type of foods.
  • The open button in the microwave is almost impossible for a two years old kids to press open it. It is a bit too hard to press inside so that they need adult help for that. We modified the opening slightly so it is easier to open for our son.
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