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Early education at home is not so bad. So when the little one goes to school, he can easily understand what they are learning. Home education can be from books, parents and even digital. At our home we have this early education toy laptop - of course, with a real-like screen and keyboard, mouse and even some piano keys. My husband occasionally works at home and our little one will bring his chair and sit down with his own laptop. LOL. I learned that a lot of parents don’t like their kids sitting in front the screen too long. I can agree with that, but this learning laptop seems to be real helpful. This laptop has sing along melodies, letters, phonics, music, shapes, and stories; I would definitely recommend it.

Pro & Contra

  • Learning toy has handle for easy carrying and transport.
  • Has volume controls.
  • It can be one good media to teach with before school or giving extra learning lessons after school.
  • You can change the content of the laptop (connect to Desktop computer via USB).
  • Great educative toys.
  • Learn how to use a laptop in early age.
  • In bad environment light the screen is too dark.
Published on Thursday, October 11th 2018 by