Teaching children to know the world of music provides many benefits for the growth of your child, especially in the development of the brain. Children who like music tend to have high self-confidence and have a quieter personality. Introducing music to child can be formed by a lot of ways: from TV, radio, CD etc. Children music and classics music are always my first choice. My little one has a lot of music toys. One of it is this Tambourine that uses battery that has many functions, as tambourine of course and can produces some songs with it. It has some very cheerful songs. The material is from plastic and quite solid and inexpensive.

Functions of music

  • Music helps your child's brain development and exercises concentration skills. By introducing the world of music to your child, you can help balance your child's right brain and left brain development. This will greatly help your child in concentrating and solving problems
  • Playing music is also able to increase your child's imagination and creativity.
  • Playing music can also help your child in preparing the brain to learn while increasing intellectual (IQ) and emotional (EQ) intelligence.
  • Playing music can also improve your child's visual spatial abilities. This ability allows your child to be more sensitive to the coordination of colors, shapes, lines, and relationships between the three.
  • Music is also able to develop the language skills of the child (to express theirs heart)

Pro & Contra

  • Improve motoric skills.
  • Improve IQ and EQ skills
  • Learns numbers.
  • Learns colors.
  • Learns new songs.
  • It will be nice if it is a bit lighter instead of heavy. Small kids will find it hard to hold when it is too heavy.
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