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Car toys never ever get enough for boys. Always wanting it more and more. I somehow think of that when my son loves to play with all his car toys so much. Saw this set from VTech and buy from Amazon. This is not electronic driving car, so you have to move it your own. However, you need battery for the songs, lights and sound that comes from the car and tracks. This set come with one ice cream car included. VTech is very famous itself for kids toys. The colors and materials are both very undoubtably good. Price itself inexpensive. My little one was so happy and thrilled by everything from songs, melodies and lights. The most important little one happy and always learn something from playing. The sets of the Toot-Toot drivers (or Tut Tut Flitzer, how it is named here in Germany), Toot-Toot trains and Tip Tap animals can be combined with each other by variably stackable road parts and can be used by all vehicles - so every new article creates a big new city in the Toot-Toot world!


Toot-Toot Drivers Road Set:

  • 6 colorful street parts to assemble
  • 1 traffic light with 2 flashing lights
  • 1 barrier
  • 1 bridge
  • Road parts can be connected with the Toot-Toot Drivers Garage
  • Sensor recognizes the Toot-Toot Baby Streaker (to be ordered separately)
  • Various buttons for pressing
  • Volume control
  • 1 sung children's song
  • 8 children's melodies (lyrics and notes in the manual)
  • Child-proof battery compartment and automatic switch-off

Battery Requirements

2 x AA batteries (LR06) are required. Demo batteries are included. It is best to order new batteries as well!

Pro & Contra

  • Cognition.
  • Children learn about causal relationships like when their cars fall in the connecting lane.
  • Fine hand and motor skills.
  • Rough motor skills.
  • Language and speaking skills.
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